Frequently Asked Questions

Is it comes in good quality?

Yes, all items come in good quality.

If I am not sure about something, what should I do?

If you live in England, call me. If you live out of England or you don't want to be reached through what's app or through phone, then contact me by e-mail: info@beautyblue.co All your questions are going to be answered.

I ordered the item. When can I get it?

It depends on your living place. If you live in America, you can get your parcel in 7 days. If you live in the UK, you can get in 15 days. If you live in Lithuania, you can expect your parcel in 20-25 days. When you get it, it also depends on manufacturers. Manufacturers are based in America. If you live nearby, you get your ordered item then faster than other countries.

Where do you ship?

I ship to all countries as my e-shop is international.

Does delivery cost?

We are shipping to you at no cost.

Are there any customs charges?

You can be charged for customs charges if the manufacturer is based in China or America but we try to avoid those charges that you wouldn't need to pay for this except high priced orders (where it costs more than 30 dollars per item then it can occur some extra charges).

What is it the customs charges?

It is a special payment for expensive products, which you pay for China or it can be for America as well.

What to do if the product didn't fit me or it came damaged?

If it happened, inform me straight away.

Are you providing refunds?

We are not providing refunds if the package was already opened and used. If you damaged the product, you will not be refunded then.

During how long I can return my product?

You can return your product for 30 days after receiving your item if it wasn't opened and still in good condition.

When will I be refunded?

Once we get your sent parcel, we will refund you in 7 days period.

Where should I send my parcel if I had to?

You can send your parcel to address:

Beauty Blue Shop

50 Thorn Street,

Derby, UK

DE23 6LZ

How to contact you?

If you need any help or do you want to know something more about that what wasn't mentioned above then contact me by e-mail: info@beautyblue.co, through e-shop's messenger or call me on 07550375462. It will be replied through one day if you send me to e-mail or messenger, if you call me, I will answer to you straight away.

Have an enjoyable shopping with Beauty Blue Shop!

Beauty Blue Shop's Team