Pet Pouch Hoodie

Enjoy With Your Pet When Lounging or Walking Around Using Pet Pouch Hoodie!

Want to be with your pet at any time? Pet Pouch Hoodie is the ultimate way to cuddle your dog, cat, or any other beloved animal is while resting at home or the outside! You can interact with the pet & enhance your feelings.


  • A PET LOOK STYLISH: People like to look their best at all times. We took special attention in our design efforts to ensure that when wearing the Rookie pet carrier hoodie zipped up with no pet inside; you will still look very stylish and put together without your small dog or cat enjoying the ride.

  • QUALITY MATERIAL: The original & premium pet pouch hoodie sweatshirt is made of the highest quality polyester. Durable zippers and snaps, elastic stretch bottom & cuffs, A comfy, durable, and stylish looking pullover pet carrier hoodie.

  • CONVENIENT USE & WASH: The pet holder pouch has a soft, removable, machine-washable liner that allows for easy cleaning. Additional hidden zippered hand pockets are separate from the inner pet carrier pocket.

  • ENJOY WITH A PET: Wear the pouch expanded to hold a lightweight animal when lounging or walking around. It will love to cuddle you in this friendly way!